A Single Silver Coin

To enter paradise you must pay a toll - a single silver coin.

You died. You know that all souls must make one final journey to determine their ultimate fate. When you arrived upon the shore of Sea of Shadows, you were clothed as you chose to dress in life but your only possessions were three silver coins. Only one coin is needed to enter paradise, but you know that souls are easily parted from their coins during the passage across the sea. Will you pass all your tests, retain a single silver coin and be admitted to eternal paradise? Or will you fail, or be unable to pay the toll, and be condemned to oblivion?

A Single Silver Coin is a parlor larp written by Laura Boylan and Peter Litwack. It will be running on Labor Day weekend.

This is a larp about emotion and roleplaying. There is no combat. There are very few mechanics. Character sheets are prewritten, and players should not share any character information pre-game. All of the characters are dead and traveling to their afterlife. The game is about people reflecting on their lives and talking to other people who were significant in their lives. There are secrets to be revealed, apologies to be made, forgiveness to be given or withheld.

Content notes

A Single Silver Coin contains themes of suicide, miscarriage, imposter syndrome, religious oppression, child abandonment & death, and child mistreatment (but not long-term child abuse). The play experience consists of a small group of players mostly in a single room for the entire time. As a result of this structure, it is not possible for the GMs to prevent players from being exposed to these themes, no matter what character they are cast as. In addition, the game is played in low-light conditions.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

2:00 - 7:00 pm
Seattle metro area (exact location TBD)

Tickets are not yet on sale. Please RSVP via Facebook to be notified when they are!
“If there's one larp I want to make every emotional immersion fan play, it's this one. SSC is like the rich flourless chocolate cake of dense plotting and situational tension.”