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Why is this night different from all other nights?

The world is in turmoil. The waters are rising. Food is scarce. But still the traditions live on.

At the home of a controversial figure, thirteen friends gather to share a meal, to drink some wine, and to recall the story of the Exodus. Expecting the police at any time, the friends will spend their last few hours of freedom together, retelling the past and discussing the future.

A science fiction parable set in a dark version of the present day, The Last Seder is an interactive storytelling game with echoes to the tales of the Exodus and the Last Supper. Live the myth as it is made by playing out a series of scenes across the ages.

No knowledge of the Passover seder or Jewish or Christian scripture is required to play. Costuming is modern-day clothing. The house where the game will run is unfortunately not wheelchair-accessible, and climbing up and down stairs will be required during the game. Please let us know if we can make other accommodations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a conversation based game with a pre-determined story arc, which the characters can interpret as they see fit, but which they have little opportunity to significantly alter. Players will not have significant influence over the outcome of the story.

Content warnings

Terrorism, ecological devastation, use of real-world religious texts, portrayals of mental illness, intimate partner abuse, war, US politics

July 27, 2019

noon - 6:00 pm
Dinner provided in game
Bothell, WA
Tickets: $15

Ticket sales have closed.

What's a seder?

A seder is a ritual meal in the Jewish tradition during the festival of Passover. Passover commemorates the Exodus from slavery in Egypt through storytelling, song, and symbolic foods.

The Last Seder centers around an authentic Passover seder. More information about the dinner is available here.